Preventive Care & Dental Hygiene


Preventive Care & Dental Hygiene

The best approach to dental care is to stop problems before they happen through proper preventive action. We provide extensive procedures to support healthy teeth and gums to give you the best defence against tooth decay. 

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Dental Hygiene
Proper dental hygiene is key to healthy teeth. Alongside regular care such as brushing and flossing, professional dental hygiene treatment will ensure your teeth are as strong as possible. Our treatment involves regular scaling and root planing to remove plaque and tartar build-up above and below the gumline. Proper cleaning of these areas is vital for restoring and protecting the tissues that support the teeth. Maintaining healthy gums is essential to avoid tooth loss, and we refer to these treatments as periodontal therapy.
Along with deep cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatment restores essential minerals to the enamel of the teeth and provides a protective layer from harmful bacteria.

Ultrasonics and Piezo Instruments
To ensure you receive the most comprehensively effective dental hygiene treatment possible, we use the latest in ultrasonics and piezoelectric technology. These instruments facilitate the quick and easy removal of tartar and plaque without as much brute force as is necessary with conventional metal instruments. Vibrations from the piezo scaler effectively shake the tartar loose, allowing it to fall away much more quickly.

A thin layer of sealant can be applied to the surface of teeth to help fight tooth decay. This treatment quickly seals off grooves, preventing food and bacteria from getting trapped, thus providing a layer of protection.
As teeth develop, they are more prone to decay; sealants are highly effective in children and teenagers. A particularly prominent strategy is to apply a sealant to the permanent molars as they come in, giving them the best chance at growing to be as strong as possible.
Sealants typically last for up to 10 years and can be removed and replaced as necessary. 


We have a simple procedure for undergoing preventive care treatment to provide you with the best care possible.

Cleaning and Oral Examinations
First, you will receive professional cleaning using the latest technological instruments to remove plaque, eliminate tartar build-up, and create the optimum environment to promote healthy gum development. While cleaning, we will also perform basic oral examinations to ensure your teeth are in the best shape they can be.

Fluoride Treatment
The next stage involves comprehensive fluoride treatment. This provides the enamel with minerals that create a protective barrier against harmful bacteria, thus helping to prevent cavities.

Close-up Inspection with Intraoral Cameras
Finally, we will perform a close-up inspection of the oral cavity using intraoral cameras to get a good view of those hard-to-reach places and ensure your preventive treatment is as thorough as possible. Using this technology, we will even be able to capture images of your freshly cleaned teeth so you can see the results firsthand. 

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