Children’s Dentistry


Children’s Dentistry

We provide the finest orthodontic treatments specifically aimed at supporting your children’s development. This includes removable and fixed appliances that help teeth grow the right way. Orthodontic treatment is much more effective as teeth are developing, thus early treatment can circumvent complications and the potential for more serious orthodontic treatment further down the line. Most of our children’s orthodontic treatments are carried out by Dr. Tammy Law.

Removable Appliances
Removable appliances are usually plastic plates that sit on the top of the mouth with metal wires that clip onto the affected teeth. They are often used to correct minor tooth movements and are especially effective in younger children. One example of a possible use for removable appliances is the treatment of crossbite (where the upper teeth fit behind the lower teeth).

Fixed Appliances
Fixed appliances (commonly known as braces) consist of small brackets attached to the teeth using adhesive, which are then connected to each other with orthodontic wire. Over the course of treatment, the wire slowly becomes stiffer, easing teeth into a straighter position. Not only does this produce a dazzling smile as the end result, but it also leads to healthier teeth that will be much less prone to erosion and decay. 

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