For an all-in-one solution to replace missing teeth and protect damaged tissue, we offer custom-fitted, partial or complete dentures to restore that confident smile fully. In cases where dentures may need extra support, we work with top specialists to provide implants that ensure the most esthetic and functional result for you. 

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Traditional Partial Dentures
Traditional partial dentures are designed to fill in the gaps in your smile by replacing only the missing teeth. An acrylic base holding false teeth is moulded to precisely fit the individual, resting comfortably over the gums and/or palate of your mouth. The whole thing is held in place by small metal clips or precision attachments that attach to existing teeth.
Partial dentures are colour-matched to your teeth and shaped in such a way that they are often barely noticeable. Using partial dentures not only fills in the empty spaces for a fuller smile but also provides protection to nearby teeth by stopping them from moving out of place. 

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures are those that fill the whole mouth rather than replace individual teeth. Getting complete dentures fitted will usually involve removing any remaining teeth. The gum tissue will then be given adequate time to heal (usually 4 to 12 weeks) before complete dentures are ready to be fitted.
Having a full set of dentures fitted can provide you with complete peace of mind, so you can get on with life as usual. Dentures are nearly as functional and reliable as the real thing, and their colour is uniform, so you won’t have to worry about colour-matching with existing teeth.

Valplast® Dentures
Valplast® flexible dentures are an incredible alternative to traditional solutions. Valplast® dentures are created using thermoplastic nylon resin, which is not only thinner and more flexible than acrylic but also more durable. These groundbreaking dentures are entirely metal-free and do not require any preparation of existing teeth. Patients who opt for traditional dentures may be needed to learn to hold them in place using their cheeks and tongue. This need is eliminated with Valplast® dentures, as they are designed to fit tightly around the gums and will stay in on their own.
Overall, Valplast® dentures offer a more comfortable fit that is not only less of a hindrance to your everyday life but can also prove to be more cost-effective than traditional methods in the long run.

Metal-Free Esthetic Dentures
We understand how vital your smile can be to help you exude confidence, and to that end, your choice in dental care solutions can be quite limiting. While dentures containing metal often provide a certain level of strength and reliability, they also tend to stand out.
However, metal dentures need not be your only option. We offer a wide variety of metal-free dentures that are equally tough and often far more esthetically pleasing. These also provide a fantastic alternative for those that may be sensitive to metal. 

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